This website provides information about my background and the various kinds of work I do. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in organising or taking part in a workshop, a training programme or a course. 

 Art and education have been the two primary passions in my life and career so far. Over the past 15 years I have dedicated myself to training and educating people from the creative industries, the art world and the field of art in education. Currently I am working as the coordinator of MoccaAcademie and as a trainer and teacher for various organisations including Culture+Entrepreneurship. In addition, I am actively involved with Cre8 East Africa, an organisation that I helped set up together with a number of colleagues and friends. Cre8 East Africa has been carrying out projects and workshops with young artists in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania since 2006.

 After graduating from Agogische Academie Friesland with a degree in social and community work, I studied dance education in Amsterdam at Nel Roos Akademie (classical ballet) and at the Akademie voor Dansexpressie, both of which eventually merged with other institutions to form the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK). In the same period I also followed a course on management in the cultural sector at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. More recent I was trained in fundraising at the Instituut Fondsenwerving (Fundraising Institute).  

 In the 1990s, after a career as a dancer and actor, I mainly taught dance. Since the late ’90s I have held a variety of management and consulting positions.